Lessons and Hacking 

If you like horses and enjoy the great outdoors, horse riding will be for you. No experience necessary as we can equip you with all the positive skills to get you onboard, enjoying your time in the saddle. Horse riding has great fitness benefits and with weekly lessons it won't be long before you start to notice the effects. Here at Clevedon Riding Centre we appreciate that every horse and rider are different, so structure our lessons to be fun and progressive; with lots of activities, games and team exercises to help develop your skills. Once you have mastered the basics you may wish to ride out in the country side, start jumping or dressage, all of which are held at the school on a regular basis. 

Group Lessons Adult

30 mins        £20.00

1 hr               £28.50

Group Lesson


30 mins        £17.50

1 hr               £24.00

Pony Lead Rein session

15 mins       £12.00

30 mins       £17.50


Saturday Club

4 hrs            £27.00


Includes riding lessons and pony care


08:30 - 12:30

Age 7+ and must have had 4 lessons

What to wear?

Long sleeve top, stretchy trousers and gloves are a great starting point. Riding hat to a current saftey standard and boots are avaiable to borrow. Boots are free with a £1 hire rate for the hat. 

Discounted Lessons must be booked at time of payment, they are non-transferrable but can be changed to another session during the same week.

Private Lessons or Shared Lesson


30 mins          £29.00

40 mins          £34.00

1 hr                 £49.00

Adult (Shared)

30 mins          £27.00

40 mins          £30.00

1 hr                 £36.00


Child (Shared)

30 mins          £24.00

40 mins          £27.00

1 hr                 £34.00